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What is this Blog about?

When our preconceived notions about people and things take over us, we become a frog in the well. Our realities and possibilities become limited, so do our life experiences.

We judge others based on their looks, age, ethnicity, gender or any possible differences, yet we hate to be categorised. It is absurd that we do not accept diversity in people around us. Accepting others with their quirks is the first step to create a tolerant society.

Myriad experiences make up life – watching kittens play; sipping a cup of tea while watching rainfall outside the window; eating a deep-fried spider; being touched by the kindness of a stranger; skydiving ; watching northern lights in the frigid Lapland; stealing a kiss from your lover; the list is endless.

This weekly blog captures my travel moments when I have tried to overcome my prejudices and live life!

Biswadarshan Mohanty
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